I have taught courses in film, technology, religion and writing for fifteen years. I began teaching at the University of Chicago in the Film Studies Program, but also in the Humanities Cores. During my post-doc at Stanford University I taught for the Humanities program and also in the Religious Studies Department. In Washington D.C., I first taught for the New York University Liberal Studies Program, I now teach undergraduate and graduate classes at Georgetown University. Here is a selection of courses I have taught:

Hindi Film of the 40s and 50s: Melodrama and Melancholy

Cinematic Exchange in Indian Film

Humans and Machines

Cinemas of India

Technology and Religion in South Asia

Cultural Foundations III: Modern Voyages

Cultural Foundations III: Visuality and Identity

Film and Religion

The Future of Utopia

Cities on Celluloid

Climate Change and Religion

With colleagues from Stanford University I co-founded an educational service portal. Check out www.personal-professors.com and schedule a time to learn!

Here is an example of a pedagogical video on film analysis from my latest course for Georgetown University.