THIS IS A CREATIVE SANDBOX FOR ME, BULBUL PRAGYA TIWARI. I was born in India and grew up in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Cyprus. I am currently based in Washington, DC. I received my BA in Literature from Harvard University, where I also studied filmmaking. I got a PhD from the University of Chicago, focusing on South Asian cultural history.

I teach courses on media, religion and film. You can find out more about my scholarship from the home page. In addition to my scholarship, I have written and directed plays, made films, designed websites, and curated museum exhibits—example can be seen from the home page of different projects. All my projects demonstrate my fascination with myths, fantasy, storytelling and technology. Some of these works are on this site. Thank you for visiting.



My family is from Madhya Pradesh, literally the “Central Province”, in India. India is host to many different artistic traditions across genres labeled tribal, folk, classical and modern. One of the most exciting indigenous, or tribal, art traditions found in Madhya Pradesh is called “Gond”. The Dravidian term “Gond” comes from “Kond,” which means “green mountains”. Most of the images on this website are from an artist who paints in this tradition—Sukhnandi Vyam. You can read more about him here.